7 Out Of Box But Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Writer's Block

Writers Block
A mental condition of a writer in which he gets stuck in his work is termed as writer's block. It is very important to understand this condition and the reason behind it. Being in the state of writer's block does not mean you lack good writing skills. But it is just a phase when your brain does not respond creatively. Also, there is no need to worry about it. We all get stuck at some point because of some internal or external factors. We just need to identify those factors and work on them. In the block condition, you remain unable to write some new and creative ideas. So, the time you spend on writing remains unproductive. But do not worry, everything problem has some solution. Let's discuss the cause and solutions for writer's block.

Causes of Writer’s Block

Before finding a solution for your problem, you have to pinpoint the cause. The reason behind doing so is that every cause leads you towards a different solution. For example, you may have some health issues. In this case, if someone trains you to work on creative writing skills, will it work effectively? The answer is may be in negative, since you might require some medication. In the same way, if you lack writing skills and someone suggests you for anti-depression dose, it would be worthless. That is how the identification of the leading cause is essential. Based on the personal experience, expert writers of a dissertation writing service UK have shared some common reasons that writers experience for writer's block.

There can be something that causes distraction in your work. Furthermore, it can be an internal factor. Like failure, depression or sickness. The writer may be going through some pressure. It can be a pressure of responsibilities or work. And if the cause is external, then it can be an accident. Sometimes accidents cause damage to the mental ability of a person. Apart from all that, it can be a general mental state only. It means nothing is disturbing him, and it's just a short phase when a writer gets stuck in his work.

How to Get Rid of Writer's Block

First and foremost, pinpoint the cause of your condition. If there is some internal factor, take medicine for that and take rest properly. On the other hand, if there is some external factor, the following tricks can work very well for you:
  • Workplace Area
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Schedule Your Time
  • Set Different Milestones
  • Learn To Accept Failures
  • Proofreading
  • Prove That Writer's Block Don't Exist

Let's discuss each trick in detail.

Workplace Area

While writing anything a writer needs to focus on his assigned task. Without high concentration he cannot perform well. Your workspace plays an essential role in concentration. It is supposed to be neat and clean. Furthermore there should be right temperature according to the season. If its summer season, try to manage a fan there. Same as if its season of winter tries to arrange heater at that place. Also make sure your work area is not surrounded by people. When you write in noiseless area your brain perform well. People around you can become the cause of distraction.

Pomodoro Technique

The implementation of the pomodoro technique can helps you to write well. Before applying this technique, make sure you have every required thing close to you. It can be your pen and paper. Also, if you have to use laptop, then keep its charger close to you. If you are hungry, eat something before writing. And once you start writing, there should not be any reason to stand again. Set a time and strictly follow that. Firstly, you would not do anything in that time. And secondly, you will try your best to complete you task within that time. After that you can enjoy your break time.

Follow the Commitment

If you are a professional writer or a student, in both cases commitment matters a lot. As a student, it's your responsibility to work hard for good grades. In the same way and as a professional writer, it's your duty to fulfil your commitment for better earning. Understand this responsibility and try your best to perform well.

Set Different Milestones

In writing, completing a task at once can be difficult for you. Even if you are running short of time you have to take breaks. For avoiding writer's block you brain needs to remain out of stress. Well the best approach is to divide your task into small chunks or milestones. As you are done with one milestone, enjoy something that can relax you. After that get back to your work and do the same.

Learn To Accept Failures

If you are trying your best and still ends up with nothing, do not get worry about it. It is not a big deal. No one is perfect in this world. You have to learn from your failures rather than giving up. Ask you seniors to help you out for this. Also you can go for you teacher or peer. Do not hesitate at all and learn the strategies to improve your working style.


When you feel stuck, do not ignore that moment. Accept that you are unable to write anything. Go back and proofread your document with persuasive language techniques. By doing so you will see if there is something irrelevant that becomes the cause of writer's block or not. Suppose you get the reason, its best. Otherwise, research and start writing from beginning. In the field of writing another best approach is to keep an inspiration for you. It can be in the form of quotation or a famous writer. For quotation you can explore internet. And in case of writer, you should read the sample papers of a writer whom you admire.

Prove That Writer's Block Don't Exist

As writer's block is a mental condition, so psychologists usually address this issue. Psychologists suggest the writer should not even think if writer's block exists or not. When you listen and think about something, you automatically feel yourself under that situation. So it's better not to believe in anything like this. This way you will feel less stressed.

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